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Demi Moore masturbating naked in bed

May 6, 2010 Author: Ashton | Filed under: Porn

I wonder what really awesome selfless act of kindness Ashton Kutcher ever did in his life for him to be rewarded the chance to marry the hottest Playboy model of all time. In her younger days, Demi Moore can make any guy drop to his knees in awe of her ravaging beauty. Never have I seen a woman with perfectly-carved body, beautiful silky skin, alluring eyes and a face that will make Athena, the goddess of immortal beauty curse the heavens in envy.

Actually, when I think about it, I think she could come from a family of gods because her beauty is immortal. At her age, she still has remarkably fine skin and her stunning looks never fade. Seen here are hot naked pics of Demi Moore’s pussy and tits while spread on the bed. Check out more hardcore pics that your cock will surely enjoy in this site!

Demi Moore Porn Pictures

Jun 18, 2008 Author: Ashton | Filed under: Porn

Demi Moore is, was and will always be one hot babe for all time… when she started out her Hollywood career back in the early 80’s during her Brat Pack years with St. Elmo’s Fire and About Last Night, she has captivated us with her beauty despite her husky voice that has been her trademark ever since. She eve set a global trend when she cut her hair short for the movie Ghost and every single girl in this planet were sporting that trendy hairstyle. And now that she’s in her 40’s, she is still hot and alluring as ever! We can say that she is one of Hollywood’s hot mommas! If you enjoyed watching her flashing her boobies in that controversial movie Striptease, you will truly enjoy our small treat for all of you Demi fans out there because we got the hottest pictures of G.I. Jane in action… all naked and sleazy for action in this collection loaded with hardcore goodness at Demi Moore Porn Pictures.

Demi Moore Porn Pictures takes you to some of Demi Moore’s steamy moments where she decides not only to strip off all of her clothing but get her hungry love holes fucked and stuffed with only the hardest and baddest cocks in town! I bet Ashton Kutcher will be pulling his hair if he gets to see her hot wifey getting drilled by other men eager to taste this stunningly beautiful actress right up her alley! It’s sizzling porn pictures that will keep you stiff all the way so go ahead and click here and enjoy Demi’s raunchiest moments at Demi Moore Porn Pictures.

Demi quits Kabbalah faith

Apr 7, 2008 Author: Ashton | Filed under: Gossip

It has been rumored that actress Demi Moore and husband Ashton Kutcher have quit Kabbalah.

The Hollywood couple were once devout followers of the mystical offshoot of the Judaism religion have caused quite numerous rumors that the two have failed to visit the Los Angeles Kabbalah centre for several months now and that they are no longer followers of the faith.

An insider told reporters that the famous couple used to have a good attendance record but they haven’t attended a single service or come to one of the Shabbat dinners every Friday for months now. It is really quite strange and there must be some reason behind it for them not to show up anymore.

Demi and Ashton were married in 2005 in a Kabbalah ceremony and it was until recently someone spotted Ashton shopping on Robertson Boulevard and witnesses claim that they saw the actor was no longer wearing the red Kabbalah bracelet. It was rumored that Ashton told Demi that he doesn’t want anything to do with the Kabbalah faith anymore.

The source is quoted by the MSNBC website as saying Quote “He was tired of being dragged there on Friday nights” and quote.


Demi’s former personal trainer and fitness expert to the stars Robb Parr tells all in his explosive new book revealing the secret of how he transformed the husky-voiced actress from a “meaty” middle-aged woman into a stunning, buff hottie.

He describes his clients like Demi as a former soft-bodied actress who is a mom of three from her ex-husband actor Bruce Willis that needed intense training to whip their figures into shape.

“Demi lacked a define waist and carried too much meat on both of her thighs and was, by movie star standards, thick overall.”writes Robb on his fitness manual.

“To taper her waist, we decided to accentuate her shoulders, creating a V-shape. We trimmed her thighs, shaving off some of the excess fat from above her knees and accentuated her butt, further emphasizing her waist.”

Robb Parr once trained Australian actress Naomi Watts who is said to have started off as a “fleshy” lady that needed to get her trim and tightened so that she would fit the mould of a bikini-clad babe.


Demi Moore uses leeches to combat aging

Apr 7, 2008 Author: Ashton | Filed under: News

Demi Moore reveals to the public her secret in beating the signs of aging – leeches.

The 46-year old actress known for such movies like Ghost, A Few Good Men and St. Elmo’s Fire is a big fan of detoxification therapy that involved blood-sucking leeches had recently visited Austria where the treatment is available.

Demi told talk show host David Letterman on his Late Night program that she has been looking for the cutting edge of things that optimizes your health and healing. She also mentions about this bizaare therapy that the leeches involved are not the kind that can be found on swamps, she’s talking about highly trained medical leeches. “These are not some low level scavengers, we’re talking high level blood suckers” Demi mentions.

She goes on saying that “It detoxifies your blood—I’m feeling detoxified right now. I did it in some woman’s house laying on her bed. We did a little sampler first, which is in the belly button.”

“You first feel worse then you feel better. But I’m going back – I only got four leeches and I feel a bit cheated” Demi continues.

Then David Letterman jokingly replied “Are you sure this isn’t just menopause?”


Demi’s sizzling nude photos despite hubby’s disapproval

Apr 7, 2008 Author: Ashton | Filed under: News

Actress Demi Moore posed naked for the cameras in a pictorial despite her husband’s disapproval.

Ashton Kutcher hired famous photographer Mario Testino to set up an intimate photo shoot inside their fabulous Los Angeles home to take pictures of the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle star but insisted that there would be no “nude photos” during the entire shoot. It was supposed to be Ashton’s birthday present for Demi.

Demi told in a Vanity Fair interview that “Ashton said there will be “no nudes” during the pictorial but Mario said “Let’s get naked” as soon as the cameras started clicking away”. Mario Testino used one of her pictures from her steamy photo shoot on the cover of his new book “Let Me In”.

Demi also mentioned in her interview that she and Ashton wanted to leave Hollywood once more and escape the hustle and bustle of showbusiness at their remote home in Idaho.

“I think there are a lot of things that gets compromised when you live in Los Angeles” mentioned the 46-year old actress.


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